Woods Gear

  • Echo Chainsaws

    ECHO Outdoor Power Equipment is commercial-grade equipment and the best built in the industry. ECHO puts its money where its manufacturing is and offers a 5-Year Consumer Warranty on all engine-driven products so you can buy with confidence! ECHO also offers a 2-Year Commercial Warranty on all engine-driven products, excluding chain saws.

    For more information on Echo products visit their website.

  • Wallenstein Woodsplitters

    woods_gear_02Piece by piece, Wallenstein WX Log Splitters reduce big jobs into small chunks that are easy to handle and quick to finish. The wide wedge splits the log using minimal distance, reducing cycle time requirements. Full splitting force is always applied because the cylinder is directly inline with the log, powering through the toughest wood with ease.

    For more information on Wallenstein Woodsplitters visit their website.

  • Split-fire Woodsplitters

    woods_gear_03Industry-leading log splitters, unlike most available, allow you to split wood on both the forward and reverse strokes thus making these one of the highest production machines on the market.Split-fire log splitters and woodchippers offer quality workmanship second to none. Quality built, high performance, trouble free log splitting, for years to come makes choosing SPLIT-FIRE the best choice. Period.For more information on Split-fire Woodsplitters visit their website.